About Us

What is Work4all?

Work4all is a software solution developed by Abacus Verification ( Pty) Ltd in order to create a South African national database of reliable employees. We verify workers by checking work references, verifying SA ID number of jobseekers against the Home Affairs database, and doing a criminal background check of employees against the SAPS database.

Our Mission - Work4all provides a gateway for reliable jobseekers to permanent employment. We are- Jobs in your pocket..

We are in essence a recruitment company that focus on bringing workers and business leads to workers and SMME’s and other organisations regardless of size.

Our focus is to bring work and business leads directly to you. New work opportunities or request for quotes and tender opportunities are listed daily from individuals up to all levels of government and private sector companies throughout South Africa. 

You will be notified immediately on your mobile via our App of opportunities thereby our Motto “Jobs in your Pocket.”

About Us

Work4alls main goal is to create employment in both the formal and informal sectors in the South African Economy thereby contributing to the mainstream economy and in support of our social responsibility policy.

   Benefits to Employers using Work4all

  • Keep track of employed and unemployed jobseekers on your database.
  • Easily search workers/jobseekers according to verified/ not verified, references, reviews, training, experience, skill, area etc.
  • Provide access to the database by external employers or different departments within your organisation. 
  • Secure access to multiple users via administrative levels. User, Admin, Super admin.
  • Provide reports on registered workers, work dates, details etc.
  • Provide reports on employment opportunities, type and length of employment etc.
  • Database is kept live by recruiters and frequent bulk notifications or sms. Change of cell number of does not affect system.
  • Mobile WIFI stations can be set up close to employee’s residential areas to ensure that they can register on the database and ensure that bookings/sms is received. (Optional )
  • Verification level by Admin of all new workers to verify photo, ID, document validity and references. 
  • Verification of worker /jobseeker details e.g. Criminal Record and Valid South African ID. 
  • Daily backups to offsite server to ensure integrity of data.
  • Service provider module can also be added for small business e.g. Plumbers, Painters, Builders. Can add minimum required documentation to register e.g. CIPC, BEE Certificate or Training/Trade Test Certificate which can be viewed by external clients.
  • Immediate access to live system. Access to system includes free training (8 hours)
  • System keeps track with minimum wage per industry. Compulsory terms and conditions limits liability to Administrator/Clients.

Benefits to employees using Work4all

  • Registrations and booking is free at no cost to jobseeker.
  • Access to various employment opportunities in immediate area. All registered employers can see jobseeker or service provider profile according to verified/not verified, industry, skills, training/experience minimum required documentation e.g. driver license, references and reviews.
  • Obtain a stepping stone towards permanent employment. Highly rated employees will be given preference and will be seen by larger employers offering permanent employment.
  • Registration is paperless and can take place anywhere via smartphone or online.
  • Access to various recruitment centres (Only in certain areas).
  • Upload and changes to details or expired certificates can be done remotely on any smartphone or online
  • Receive bookings for work via sms and push notification directly from employers. Do not need smart phone to receive bookings as sms is sent.
  • Secure login and update of information via app or online
  • Receive reminders of expiration dates of licenses e.g. driver license.

How does it work?

  Employer and Jobseeker Access

  • Download the work4all app from the Google Play store or click  http://jobs.work4all.co.za/     
  • Register with the required photo, ID, contact details and compulsory documents.

Search for jobseekers (Employers) and accept bookings (Jobseekers/Service Providers) 

We also provide daily work opportunities, tenders, request for quotations and contract work uploaded securely online by individuals as well as various organisations.  These include

·         Location, fees, and contact details

·         Details of work/tenders/quotations

·         Tender ref number/expiry dates.

·         other qualifying criteria.

Clients will be able to contact the company directly and either accept work/tender or give a quote/tender based on the work specification.

Work4all provide both suppliers and service providers with the opportunity to view an extensive collection of request for tenders/quotations and short term work from many different industries including the public and private sectors. For a nominal subscription, a registered user acquires access to all of our work seekers, tenders and request for quotes including the latest current business tenders. 

Using our powerful search tool, you can refine your search to search for workers in specific areas and industries.

Do you want reliable skills in your pocket?

Download our Work4all app from the Google App store.

  • Search our database of verified skills in your area and industry.

  • See comments from other Customers

  • Choose your worker based on skills and comments

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