Frequently Asked Questions

As you liaise directly with your chosen worker contractor or service provider, bookings can be made 24/7 from your mobile, tablet or computer.

We currently have workers, contractors and service providers in the following areas: Gauteng Eastern Cape We will inform you of new areas as soon as we have reliable workers/service providers in this areas.

The rate payable to the worker contractor is subject to the Industry minimum if applicable and the hourly rate chosen by the Worker or Contractor. Payments to the Worker or contractor will have to be done directly to the worker or contractor according to the rate accepted by yourself as the Client.

Payment information is taken securely online as part of the booking process. Your will need funds in your wallet in order to make bookings. This can be done via payfast or eft in the Booking Process When you are booking the amount of hours estimated amount of time needed to perform the work please note that you must pay the worker according to the hours worked. Note that payments to workers are done directly and are based on the actual hours per day /half day as per your booking.In the event that you book an interview no fee will be payable to the worker.

The App will allow you to see the name, picture, required documents and references of the worker that are available in your area. You can identify the worker as per the profile picture.

Our verified workers/contractors go through a rigorous screening process which includes numerous interviews, background and criminal checks, document verification and reference checks and is rated according to the work performed by other customers.

To change your personal information, go to My Account on eiher the App or web and click.on the menu button. Here you will find information w.r. t your profile.

To view, cancel or update some of the booking information, go to Account -- Bookings.